Work Starts on Laboratory Prototype


Via the good offices of Blackwalnut Studios, work has commenced on a laboratory prototype for Eli-Tables. The parts will be CNC milled from 3/4″ MDF and tested to see if the¬†geometries perform as expected.

[update] (11/7)

  • Too much flex in MDF rail.
  • Simple Straight leg not performing.

[update] (11/11)

  • LabProt Rails to grow ribs to simulate more rigid production materials.
  • The pivoting head leg?

[update] (11/20)

  • Success! Video. Disassembly of 5 Rails, 4 Beams, and 8 Legs is under a minute and a half – on first attempt! Could shave 40 sec. off that but for the damned fins.