Anyone who works on a jobsite or in a multi-use space with:

  • Dimensional lumber

  • Construction sheet goods made from wood, wood fiber, fiberglass, metal, polyester, acrylic/polycarbonate plastics and composites

  • Cylindrical materials 4″ diameter and larger

  • Prefabricated boxes, cases and fittings of any kind (kitchen cabinets and counter tops e.g.)

  • Solid flooring and wall paneling

  • HVAC ductwork and Solar energy capture devices

  • Paints, varnish, solvents, strippers and de-greasers

This includes:

  • Installers of every description

  • Professional Residential and Commercial Construction/Maintenance/Renovation providers

  • Do-it-Yourselfers and Owner/Operators

  • Indoor and Outdoor Event service providers

  • TV, Film and Theatrical Production companies

  • Touring Attractions

  • Reconfigurable Light Manufacturing Facilities

  • Local, state and federal government construction and maintenance operations

  • Organizations which provide disaster recovery services or community based construction projects

  • The military


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