There is suggestive evidence that the worldwide demand is quite strong.

Between its introduction in 1968 and 1981 over 10 million Black & Decker Workmates® were sold worldwide. They currently sell four different versions of the Workmate®

There are four other manufacturers offering virtually identical products. Rockwell has entered this market with its Jawhorse™ which offers similar capacities; built around its integral foot-operated clamp.

Eureakazone and BenchMark™ have recently come into this market with folding tables that offer multiple axis support for workpieces.

Festool and Eureakazone both now offer multi-function saw tables; and Centipede has recently come to market with an isokinetic solution.

The top three US portable saw horse manufacturers (Trojan, Fulton and Crawford) regularly report sales of $9M – $11M annually (combined)

 It is difficult to get a precise handle on the market size in dollars. Eli Tables fit in NAICS 3332103396 (“Parts, attachments, and accessories for woodworking machinery sold separately excluding saw blades and cutting tools”), but products of this type only account for 35%-40% of the entire category.

The worldwide demand, for this NAICS category as a whole, is estimated at $4.6B, over the next five years.  [$4.6B x 35%/40% = $1.6B – $1.8B]

Accordingly, over the next five years a 10% market share would be approximately $170M

Asia is actually the largest market for this NAICS category; accounting for nearly 35% of the estimated demand. Africa Europe and the Middle East account for 33%. North America and the Carribean about 23%. Latin America and Oceania accounting for the remaining 9%.


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