The size and configuration of an Eli Table is limited only by your needs and the number of parts available to you. The elements are readily rearranged, without the use of tools, to accommodate the particular task at hand.

When used as a workbench Eli Tables provide superior support and clamping capability. It provides unobstructed cutting paths and two axes of support when ripping or cross cutting. No more binding or tear-away. No more cutting into or through the support. What do you think of it? 

limited only by your needs
limited only by your needs

The example shown left has 41 Sq. ft.  of work surface in an 11’x7′ total footprint. The 68 clamping, bolting, bench dog positions on the tops of the rails all lie on a consistent uniform grid. There are also 78 face & end clamping positions. Eli Tables may be assembled to create tool stands for both the in-place and pass-through varieties of portable bench-type power tools.


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