News and Notes from Eli-Tables:

US Patent Issued

(5/26/11)US Patent Issued for Eli-TablesAfter a successful per se  (no lawyer) patent prosecution US Patent 7,946,562 issued on May 24,...

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Eli Tables Website Launched

(5/24/10)The Hopeful Monster Begins to Stir on its Slab"Hopeful Monster" expresses the idea that evolution does not always proceed by gradual change to an existing type, but, on occasion,  by a radical re-ordering of its parts. Often the "monsters" produced in this...

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Work Begins On Lab Prototype

Work Starts on Laboratory Prototype(11/3/08) Via the good offices of Blackwalnut Studios, work has commenced on a laboratory prototype for Eli-Tables. The parts will be CNC milled from 3/4" MDF and tested to see if the geometries perform as expected. [update]...

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Provisional Application Filed

(8/14/08)Provisional Patent Application Filed for Eli-TablesProvisional application (SN # 61/188,878 "A Kit for Assembling Portable Reconfigurable Work Stations and Work Supports") filed with the...

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