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CompetitorsWho we are up against
Market AnalysisEstimate of niche size, Target Market, Marketing Mix Strategy, Promotions
PricingPrice comparisons between various Eli-Table configurations and competing solutions 
Financial InformationUse of Loan Money, Start-Up Costs, Research and Development, 

Financial Information

Use of Loan Money
Taking a loan to finance the start of Eli Tables itself is not contemplated. At this stage the project is too speculative.

Financing the considerable start-up costs involved in 
production/marketing/distribution is a determination the
partnering/licensing/purchasing firm will need to make.

Start-Up Costs 
Production Start-Up costs are considerable, in the range of $1M-$3M. Tooling is
very expensive. Over the life of the tooling it represents only fractions of a penny  per part, but it
is a large sum up front.

Research and Development will be necessary to transform this patent into a product.
This research is likely to cost between $30K-$60K in materials, computer time,
human resources etc.
    It must resolve:
        - Exactly what mix of polymeric material will yield the desired performance for
            the least material cost.
        - How far can the interstitial portions of each part be reduced without affecting
            performance (for reason above)
        - Which, of several competing production processes, is the best fit.

And answer the question:
- Does this iteration fall within the price constraints outlined above

Only then can a rational decision be made about whether to venture the much more
considerable production start-up costs.


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