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CompetitorsWho we are up against
Market AnalysisEstimate of niche size, Target Market, Marketing Mix Strategy, Promotions
PricingPrice comparisons between various Eli-Table configurations and competing solutions 
Financial InformationUse of Loan Money, Start-Up Costs, Research and Development, 


Minimum Table

Because Eli Tables are more capable than their
competitors, and are a kit rather than a thing, it
is difficult to make an apples to apples price
It require 2 pairs (4) folding saw horses ($100-
$150.) to approximate the capability of a
minimal Eli Table (right); which should be priced
at the high end of that range.


Basic Table
A Workmate® 425
(a vise on a stand design)
retails at $100-$125).

The FatMax Project
Center (similar) at $90-

Trojan’s TWC-27
Workcenter (a dedicated
miter saw stand) at

The Porta Max Model
2775 Table saw stand

The kit for this Eli Table
(left) should price in the
middle of that range.

Even once you reach kits of
this size and complexity, the
total kit cost should still not
exceed 60% of the combined
cost of a comparably capable
collection of stands and
horses/work supports - (as
much as $600-$800)


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Monticello, NY 12701-0014